Services - Mining consulting

Project management

From germinated  idea in your mind to the first shoveled earth and delivery, we are here to support you.

Staff Training

The connections that we form with a team of experts enable us to answer all your training needs of staff and in the extremely tight deadlines, while making the passing of vital technology, allowing you to remain the leader in your field

Upgrading of processing plant

Whether in all or part, depending on your needs, Bumigeme helps you maintain your installations and save your competitiveness in a market where competition is fierce.

Optimization of methods of treatment

The Bumigeme experts in chemistry, metallurgy, mineralogy and physics form a synergy guaranteeing your success, and in the same, are able to find the smallest flaws in your existing systems and make necessary corrections.

Upgrading of processing plant

Bumigeme also makes available to its customers its expertise in process development by the following:

Development of treatment processes for industrial minerals (bentonite, diatomite, activated clays, expanded perlite, calcium carbonate, barite, silica, graphite, etc.).

Realisation on a pilot scale test heap cyanidation of gold ores and tailings, including the extraction of gold by activated charcoal.

Development of treatment processes including wet or dry gravity, cyanidation, heap leaching, flotation, amalgamation.

Recovery process of metals by hydro-and pyro-metallurgy.

Optimization of methods of treatment and recirculation of waste water in the hubs.