Presentation of the company:

BUMIGEME Inc. is a Canadian firm of consulting engineers based in Montreal, working mainly in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Bumigeme Inc. offers its customers a wide range of consulting and engineering services, ranging from economic and financial studies in accordance with NI 43-101, and marketing, to   providing turnkey concepts, from mining to start mine complex.


In 1840 the metallurgy is defined as « the science that learns how to deal with the minerals that are provided by the mines ». It's in this perspective that BUMIGEME Inc excels in the art of mines science .

Geology :

BUMIGEME Inc relies on its geology knowledge to make the most of data used to develop and optimize a mine property exploitation. These data are obtained by analysis of metallogeny and mineralogical studies.


Having strong experience for more than 40 years, Mr. Florent Baril, founding president of BUMIGEMEInc, is qualified in accordance with 43-101, to issue pre-feasibility and feasibility reports.


BUMIGEME Inc 's mission is to provide its customers with specialized services, tailored and integrated from mining to construction and start-mine complex components.
In addition BUMIGEME Inc 's guideline to encourage participatory management of its customers to ensure compliance with their requirements; it also deploys its expertise in the development of ore treatment processes  which makes it a leader agency in the metal sector.


In order to preserve and improve the quality of environnementl, BUMIGEME Inc offers a variety of services and advice to reduce the environmental impact of mines, deploying and making available the technology necessary to:
- Water treatment
- Purification of the area
- The dust control
In compliance with the standards and laws of the Canadian environment, BUMIGEME Inc offers experience and quality expertise to solve problems of environmental impact due to mining operations